Ted: I’m going out (goes out)

ted-roxieRoxie:  I could go out. I might go out. I went out just yesterday. I note that Teddy went out. Wait I have to lick my paw (licks).

Where was I? I’m sitting here right by the window, looking out.

Hey, could I go out? (meows).

Okay, so you’ve opened the door. Yes, I was thinking of going out. But then, I’m still up here on the window sill. That would mean getting down.

You make a noise in your funny voice, I suppose you are talking about how hot it is and how the cool air is leaking out. Whatever. I can’t really respond to your needs at this time.

Did you see a fly? I’m sure I saw something.

Well anyway, I could get down off the sill I suppose (gets down). Okay, so there’s the open doorway. I could go out any time.

You know, I haven’t licked my tail in a while (licks tail).

Okay, well, done with that (stretches, looks out the door).

What’s that (jumps a foot ahead)?  Was that your foot touching my backside?

Oh my gosh, I’m out!

Well, as long as I’m out I may as well look around.

Or I could just lie here a while.

One thought on “Roxie and Ted Discuss Whether To Go Out

  1. That self discussion is so like a cat. Maybe female cats are worse (not to be gender stereotyping) We have two male cats, one that climbs the huge tree and gets down on his own just like that and the other faces down dogs. The female practically won’t let me pet her but she’s getting better).

    This could be turned into a play. You could call it “Cats”. Wait, that’s be done already.

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