It’s interesting and a bit sad to watch the cognitive dissonance that is being experienced by the Bernies when their own leader informs them that they have simply gone too far with the Hillary hating.

Especially this part of the Wikipedia definition is of relevance:

“In psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental stress or discomfort experienced by an individual who…. is confronted by new information that conflicts with existing beliefs, ideas, or values.”

To me at this point Bernie people need to either get on board with Bernie’s long view approach or realize and accept that you are no longer a Bernie but another more extreme animal of some kind.

The intensity with which these people have invested in vilifying Hillary rather than praising and supporting Bernie now comes back to dash their worldview to pieces.

It’s the same moment of doubt that weakened the arms of the biblical characters who were told “let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”

Convinced as they are of Hillary’s role as the anti-christ or worse, it has to be tough to watch Bernie say “get a grip and wake up to the real threat.”

I know what it’s like to work yourself into a froth of indignity in order to justify something you normally wouldn’t do

It’s the same sort of thing that soldiers do to justify killing people


It’s not a natural act, and they come back scarred for it

In this case I believe you have all gone too far and pre-convicted someone who simply did not have time to do all the horror you ascribe to her

There’s that saying (paraphrasing…) – when you see something you like, praise the Creator, when you see something you don’t like, examine your inner self-

I don’t think it matters what Hillary has or hasn’t done. No one can prove anything. If she goes to jail, great! At least we won’t have the court of Facebook in session anymore.

I do feel for your shaken worldview when Bernie takes you by the shoulders and says “it’s an emergency, vote for Hillary”

It’s easy to say I told you so, but I won’t

I don’t think a Trump presidency will destroy this country, but people of color, LGBT people (who tend to be the really nice and amazing people you know), immigrating people- full of hope, poorer people, etc. will all get hurt worse than we will – more soldiers will die, and more terrorists will be inspired with hate thinking, etc.

Your highly invested Hillary hate just may turn out to be 100% COMPLETELY WRONG. I mean, there’s a chance that you have bought in and are spreading the planted lies of the century.

There’s a chance that the guy you are crucifying is a man of peace that is going to be the start of a new religion

There’s a chance that the Jews you are gassing are cultural treasures and not subhumans

There’s a chance that the vietcong you are killing think they are protecting their country

There’s a chance that the Germans you are killing on D-day think they are protecting Europe against American bankers conspiring with Bolshevik Russians

The right or wrong of violent dislike is never clear

IMHO you have gone too far with this anti-hillary thing, and while you don’t need to let go of that thinking entirely – if there is hell to pay she will inevitably pay it – no one gets away with anything, it’s time to put down your witch hunt pitchforks and join Bernie at the coast to protect the entire country from a hostile takeover.

We can sort out the niceties later, since the real enemy is at the gates

And that enemy is ourselves, in the form of an aspect of ourselves which is not afraid that someone is making too much money (hillary), but that wants to turn back the clock and not grow anymore (trump).

Its a hopeless quest to turn back the march of time, but sometimes you have to vote for the future in order to get it here in time.

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