Yesterday I had no one to hit with yesterday except Big Red – the ball machine.

The ball machine is a special world where it can all make sense. you make adjustments and feel like you are finally getting it right.

Taking those theories into a real match is a big jump.

Even so for a day or so, you have hope that you have made the big breakthrough.

Yesterday I worked on rising and falling with the ball… as the ball rises from the machine toward me, I get my racket up, and as it falls back to earth the racket falls below the ball. That way I’m never rushed. I seem to forget this every time I get on court with an actual human, however. Like today.

Same thing on the backhand yesterday, but I experimented with a vertical racket on the take back. I get a lot of pace that way, and topspin, but again I forgot it today.

In the match you just have to go with what you have established as a habit, It’s no time to be practicing technique

I did have a sort of breakthrough on the serve, because I finally disconnected my toss from my racket preparation. Tossing first allows all kinds of time for the knee bend preparation that had been eluding me

That plus a Hi Mom! racket preparation made for a fairly consistent serve, with time for pronation, et al.

Hi Mom! is the name I give to a serve backswing where you have both arms up as if saying “Hi Mom” across a lake. The higher elbow preparation seems to open up the serve somehow and make it cleaner.

Still working on it. I’ve been tweaking that new serve from Jeff Salzenstein’s online serve video for some time now.

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