Some of the recent news about Trump’s recorded brags about women prompted a coupler of facebook posts that I thougt might be worth archiving here:

About Trump’s “locker room talk”

To say that such comments are unusual would be false. This is exactly the type of talk that the predator male engages in with his friends all the time. A lot of it is macho posturing. A lot of it is wishful thinking. But at the center of it all is a testosterone driven view of women as tools of sexual gratification

This is no different than the psychology that an enemy is a target to be killed Forgotten in both scenarios is the human complexity of the target, the circle of family, parents and friends that have loved, nurtured and supported that person for so many reasons, in many ways, for years.

Such a view is most centrally a reflection of a primitive level of thinking.

Soldiers are trained in order to dehumanize the situation that they face – killing people does not come naturally.

But this sort of “guy” talk is life draining as well, since it reduces some of the most sophisticated temples of intelligence, compassion, nurturing ability and beauty on this planet to meat status.

Listen to the Dinosaur

Listen to the dinosaur
one last time
his foul breath
and ugly yawp
causing shudders

He has no idea
tiny arms flailing
but we know
that he is the last of his kind

Sinking into the tar pit
leaving no trace
and only adding
to the stink.

On Hillary haters

Hillary hating is a thorny issue. She’s just a shy brilliant person trying to do good. That gets misread as secretiveness.

She just doesn’t fit the manipulable open hearted idiot persona that many men prefer.
Ask Marilyn Monroe, she knew exactly which model of woman men like, and she brilliantly turned it on and off at will.

Hillary can’t turn off that intellect, and since in general, you are not as smart as she is, it’s disturbing that she doesn’t have the innate extroversion to disguise that fact.

Hence, people blame her for their feelings of inferiority around her.

She’s just not that good at making you feel superior even when you are not, which, in effect, means she’s not that good at being what we expect women to do all the time.

It’s a little known secret that having women strive for equality does not bring them up a level.
Hillary fails to keep up the charade, which is deeply disturbing to those of us who depend on it.
It’s the same reason why your southern cracker was SO invested in white supremacy,  because being better than something was crucial to having self-worth when there was so little basis otherwise
And as we have seen, it is no longer even possible to maintain the illusion of white supremacy, considering what we see around us every day.

No, male dominance is not male superiority, but actually the opposite, a militant action on the deep fear that, compared to the cosmic and primal and sophisticated and still somehow beautiful manifestation that is a woman, a man can often be a pale and thin thing, good only for moving furniture and fetching water.

So, if you distrust Hillary, i suggest you go take a long look in the mirror, and ask yourself, just who is being judged here?

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  1. Woo! This spoke to me. “She’s just not that good at making you feel superior even when you are not, which, in effect, means she’s not that good at being what we expect women to do all the time.” Pretty good analysis, Paul. Well done. Pretty much nailed it.

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