On August 13 of this year, a Fox news website article mentioned LeBron James “I Promise” program, which promises to send 1,100 kids to college, at a probable cost of 41 million.

So let’s just consider this the prototype of a new kind of economy, where the goal of gaining wealth, instead of the conspicuous consumption of private yachts, private islands, and expensive resort homes, is the idea that true wealth and success is measured by how many people you can help up the ladder of success with knowledge, loans, investment, etc.

What if we look at every human as a potential asset to be developed, and we surround them wth education and other resources to help them maximize success?

What if we feel somehow that all people deserve a chance to do well?

What if it’s not about (pure) communism, where everyone has the same low-quality goods and services, and there is no direct reward for individual initiative, or capitalism, i.e.- amassing private wealth in competition with others?

What if our gainingest people are our givingest people?

Maybe we could someday say that taxes are for people who need help deciding what to give their money to?

What if we eliminate corporate tax loopholes because the goal of every corporation, along with corporate success, is to generate as much money to help society progress?

That would turn every corporation overnight into a benefit corporation (or B-corp)? How do you think people would feel about corporate success and successful people if they knew that great success was automatically tied to enormous taxation or gifting for the public good?

In the Lebron Economy, companies would compete on the level of giving, wealthy people would be revered, and we would say, hey, get that private island, you deserve it, you are our hero/heroine!

We would each be contributing a dollar to send some wealthy person on vacation.

Let’s turn the pyramid of success upside down, where there are many at the top and a few at the bottom, with the attention of all, helping the latter up.

Just saying.

LeBron James is onto something

And we should get on with it, too.

It’s a new century, and we can leave both communism and capitalism behind

It’s the Lebron Economy, people, and as LeBron says, we are family.

Photo credit Keith Allison

2 thoughts on “Manifesto: The LeBron Economy

  1. Paul, while that is all very warm and fuzzy and giving is of course stupendous, it has very little to do with how the economy or politics (gov) currently operate. One is that centralization is a major part of the problem and what you are suggesting along with Bernie only creates more centralization. It is decentralization and personal responsibility that can really change the situation. I have written a whitepaper that attends to this in greater detail which I will be happy to share with you. In another vein government is the use of force and that will not acheive the end that I believe that you desire. It’s like saying that war is the way to end war, that force is the way to arrive at a better life. You cannot seperate the means and the end.

    1. Your view is contrarian, and therefore intrinsically refreshing, yet I don’t think we will eliminate government and the economy anytime soon. Even so I’d welcome your paper and admit to my own contrarian support of sortition via thecommonlot.com, which would eliminate the need for politicians altogether.

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