Your article on Joe McNight is beautiful beyond beautiful to me because you have documented the indescribable loss of a human being that is more than just a man but also a treasured project to which a mother and family and friends and teachers and a community have contributed their time, love, money, food, knowledge, hope, guidance, advice and prayers.

There is no way to compensate for the loss of that miracle in their lives.

Damon Young
Damon Young is a hero writer and editor with an ongoing jones for pancakes

Robbing Joe of his future life is a crime for which another soul will have to pay in detail, and that includes all the loss and pain inflicted on those around that action.

It’s not just black lives that matter, it’s black futures, and the treasures stored up from their past…

You have so ably brought attention to the street level miracle that even one life embodies, and the amazing damage that such a loss does not only to that party but to all those to whom that life was a part of their legacy, joy, and happiness.

I’m just one guy but, considering your appreciation of individual worth, I’m sending you the first ever Paul Stokstad Excellence in Compassionate Writing award.

All the best,


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