After almost ten years of neglect I have finally updated my personal website, The old site was the last gasp of my efforts to stay up to date with web design, and to represent my web consulting and some personal writing projects, including a couple of self-published books, one on tennis and one on improv theatre.

Since that time I have abandoned web design to people that I either hire or supervise, and have mostly left freelance web consulting for the more secure but politically complicated world of in-house web and marketing management.

The new site is much upgraded visually and is now a reference point for writing and other creative initiatives.

I’m currently miningĀ and in some cases digitizing the last 25 years of my writing, improv theatre and dance archives (text, images and video) for items that seem to merit presentation for historical or literary reasons, and adding them to the site.

Last week I added a year’s worth of Election 2016 blog and Facebook posts in the form of an ebook entitled “Voice of Reason.” Just today I added a book that I wrote but never published in the 1998-99 timeframe entitled “The Map of Iowa.”

I hope that you enjoy them.

I plan to add more mini-books and digitized videos from my VHS collection of improv, poetry readings and dance performances, as time allows.

The name “Stokstad” is a Norwegian name that means wooded place or forest, and the new site is flavored with open source photos of forests and tree elements from all over the world.


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