I really get it, I do. I understand Clinton fatigue. I understand that people were tired of the past and wanted something new. I understand that everyone who grew up with Clinton this and Whitewater that, Monika this and Hillary that were simply tired. I get the criticisms and the concerns that Hillary was too friendly with the money people – her theory that she could schmooze with them, get them to trust her, and then stick them with donations that really helped people looked to you somehow like she was lining her pockets. Really untrue, but I understand how it might look.

I also understand that after years of concerted mudslinging against both Clintons by professional reputation slimeballers, for you. some of it had to stick, and even how for some she simply became the devil and you joined the Never Hillaries. I unfriended you, but still, I really understood that. I continue to think that you were manipulated by the right wing into a total fiction, but that’s okay, you think the opposite of me.

But let’s consider where we are now. Those of you who bitterly opposed her, do you really think we are better off this way?

I think Hillary knew, I think Bernie Knew, I think Noam Chomsky knew, they all knew what happens with any president in power. They really can do a lot to change how things get done. They set a tone, they hire and fire, they set agendas, they move the needle, they steer the ship – toward the rocks or the horizon.

Yes I felt that Hillary was complete dope about fracking, GMO’s, and had made well-intentioned and sometimes agonized mistakes about certain trade agreements and her Iraq vote. Yes, she’s intrinsically a sort of introvert who thinks that doing  good will compensate for her lack of cool, and yes that can come off as secretive, I understand that.

But do you think it would have been easier to educate her and move the needle toward the good stuff or to deal with the mountains and mountains of ugly being churned out by this guy every day?

Putting someone like George Bush in office is not really that damaging, unless something goes wrong (cough, 9-11, cough), but it always does. Putting this guy in is a license to maim and destroy.

I know that some of you are wondering, just wondering, if it was really worth it.

You may say that we had it coming (and this is your idea of payback? Isn’t that your arm, your gay friend’s heart, your Hispanic friend’s future, your black friend’s hope, lying on the ground, cut off too?).  Yes, some of us felt that Bernie was unelectable. We loved his ideology, but we didn’t think mainstream America was ready for it. We didn’t think he would win in the general. And maybe we were wrong.

But now, maybe you can see how ugly your candidate can look with the klieg lights of oppo research shining on them. And some of us admittedly think that not all business is bad, and that not all wealthy people are corrupt, and that the accomplishing American Dream shouldn’t necessarily make you the bad guy (pure self-interested capitalism is a flawed system, yes, but that’s another topic).

Let this be a lesson to you. Never give the republicans a chance, because it will not turn out well.

And let this be a lesson to Hillaries – if there is that much opposition in your own party, you need to brazenly and openly co-opt the thinking by actually embracing it chapter and verse – add Bernie level innovation to Hillary level experience and statecraft –  don’t think about a nice, comfortable vice presidential choice you can stand to live with in the white house – grab someone who will continue to push you leftwards, since, according to the Bernies and even a lot of your supporters, it was time to ask for more, to believe we can have more.

Because Bernie was obviously onto something big, and if you had only begged him or Elizabeth Warren (but preferably Bernie) to not only be your VP, but to help you understand and craft a new world that appeals to the new people, and more importantly, to stand shoulder to shoulder with you to oppose this, this, this……


If only.

In some ways, it’s okay. We don’t have Hillary. We don’t have Bernie.  But we have millions of Hillaries and Bernies in the street who have been awakened to the possible loss of all that we hold dearest. Now we see what can happen if our not totally cool candidates lose. Now we see the grass-roots phone calls and marches and organizing and running for office that we need to do it we don’t want the dinosaurs to run the world.

Now we see what we have to do to move ahead.

And we also see what we are really up against, since we don’t have someone who is a bit too money friendly in office.

We have the monsters themselves.

So, okay, you wanted it all, right away, but what you got was a hundred mile marathon where you, we, me, all of us have to start at 150 miles back.

But we will, we will, and we will get to that glittery bright future. But it will just take a little longer than it might have if all we had to do was to persuade Hillary that fracking and GMO’s have problems.

Even so, I think it’s only fair to say, we told you so.

Hillary told you, Bernie told you, Noam told you.

I’m not sure that I told you but let’s pretend I did so I can feel smug for a microsecond before going back to joining with you while we lace up our Nikes and both hit the pavement with our powerbars and running shoes.








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