I’m rethinking the republican party as the Walking Dead. They seem to be everywhere, and they really want to eat your brains. Or maybe that’s Plants versus Zombies.

In any case, the current republican party seems to have lost it’s way, and sort of died, really. So maybe instead of the GOP (grand old party) we should call it the R.I.P. (for really inanimate party).

When the GOP was alive, it more or less represented fiscal conservatism, and who can argue with that? That always has appeal, and they rang that bell at every opportunity.

And they had that nice point: “business friendly,” which also sounded good.

But in recent years they have decayed into the party of no, the party of no sex, no abortions, no spending on education, no marijuana, no homos, no black people, no fun, really.

They’ve become the kind of people you would only have to talk to at a family reunion where you know better than to discuss anything more controversial than potato chips.

The R.I.P. has become the last hangout for people that are still living in 1966.

Yes, there is still room in society for evangelical Christians. As long as they quit trying to convert people who are doing fine, thank-you, and stick with those who ask for help. (I can say this because I was one).

But they do not belong in charge of public policy, because this is not, repeat not, a christian country, it is a country founded on religious freedom.

The R.I.P. is on the wrong side of history. The dead side.

Why? Because white people are soon to be a minority in this country. Because the flaws in the capitalist model are more and more obvious and need modification to the Lebron Economy.

Because they are dead wrong on the idiot abortion issue but you can’t explain it to them because they don’t believe in reincarnation so you can’t explain to them that the soul enters the body at about the 5 month point.

And besides they are idiots about the fact that no one really wants abortion and that it is a difficult enough decision without a bunch of ignorant assholes yelling at you, and even worse a bunch of white guys who no one wants to have sex with anyway telling women what they can and can’t do with their uteruses.

OMG, I’m telling you, it’s the R.I.P.

This is the same party that for the last 8 years has been bitching about Obamacare, without having a better idea.

No kidding, they have been walking around in public saying that your pre-existing condition means you should just die and get it over with, and backing that most beloved of US corporate groups, the Insurance  companies.

America First was a Lindbergh slogan. Hitler issued a wakeup call on that.

Those that do not learn from history are condemned to become republicans.

The future is global, and the R.I.P. isn’t going to be there, due to that little obsession with and complete myopia regarding the past.

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