What’s wrong with the US congress? It’s simple: it’s just not representative of the US population. On one hand we have this link, which shows how wealthy the US senate is (it’s for 2015 but it still applies):


And on the other hand (that’s all the hands, by the way, if you were counting), we have the demographic breakdown of the US:


– a presentation which simplifies the issue by showing that if the US were only a hundred people (like our hundred senators) there would be:

  • 51 women, 49 men
  • 23 under 18, 14 over 65
  • 62 white, 17 hispanic/latino, 5 asian, 13 black
  • 10 immigrants
  • 80 english speakers, 13 spanish, 1 chinese, 1 french, plus others
  • 71 christians, two Jewish, 4 miscellaneous, 4 agnostics, and 16 nothings
  • 86% have a high school degree, 29 have a BA
  • Income wise: 0-15k (13) 15-25 (11), 25-35 (10), 35-50 (13), 50-75 (17),  75-100 (11). 100-150 (13, 150-200 (6), 200+ (6)
  • 20% rural, others = city or suburban
  • 10 have 77% of the wealth
  • Dems, 29, Repubs 26, Ind = 42

So, its clear right off the bat that independents get screwed because the dems and repubs get all of the seats.

Wealth wise its even more ridiculous, since it’s obvious that since the net worth of the average senator is  over a million dollars, and that it lakes millions of dollars to get in office.

So, how do we deal with this system?

First of all we get rid of the senate entirely

It’s a hangover from the states rights period which died at Appomatox, and again with the Lusitania, and again at Pearl Harbor. Three strikes and you’re out.

Then we ask David Grant of www.thecommonlot.com to work with the Gallup poll people to set criteria for what is more or less a national jury selection process to find ordinary citizens that more closely fit our demographics as described above to populate the new House of True Representatives so that we will get equitable decisions.

We simply can’t expect millionaires to act in the best interest of the 94% of the rest of the country.

It’s only fair.

So, now that I’ve handled that little problem, let’s talk tennis.

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