Okay, so I have a few minor fixes to the US government, the economy, taxation policy, etc.

It shouldn’t take long.

First of all we get rid of the republican party, just because it’s the party of the past so, really, it’s the first anchor tie we need to cut.

Then we ditch the democratic party too, just because, even though it has modern touches, that old sofa doesn’t fit in the new decor, as you will soon see.

Then we ditch the US senate, which, like slavery, was a compromise because the founding men’s club couldn’t resolve the states rights versus population head count issue.

Then we establish just one political party: the demographic party, which consists of the entire voting population of the US, from which a demographically and economically distributed congress is selected using the jury-like process of sortition (see thecommonlot.com)

That congress consists of a majority of females, and a bunch of ethnic types, matching the racial distribution of the country, plus income distribution representation as well.

NOTE: 0nly 4% of Americans have a net worth of over a million dollars. but over 50% of the members of congress do.

The congress does not have decision making power except in minor issues, as needed (TBD), but only serves as a policy and budgetary recommending body to e-voters, as follows.

We say goodbye to the idea of representative government entirely, since our representatives are not truly representative of us economically, temperamentally, or behaviorally.

We don’t use representatives to vote on issues of significance, we use technology and ALL e-vote on them.

Having fun thus far? Hope so.

Okay, so we get rid of the office of president because it is a nexus of distorted ambition and divisive partisanship.

To replace the ceremonial and inspirational elements of the office we establish the title of First Eagle, which is a hereditary title like king or chief, passed down from oldest sibling to oldest sibling in a family of native American Heritage.

Eligible marriages into that family must have Native American blood.

Then we institute a flat tax on all adults and corporations, and each person or corporate entity gets to decide which public or governmental service their taxes support.

The tax support decisions of corporations is a matter of public record, indeed, the goal of paying such taxes is an expected and featured aspect of each corporate mission.

In selected cases donation to public charities, schools and arts initiatives will count on a one to one basis as tax payments.

The new economic and system of cultural values known as social capitalism treasures wealthy people for all of the automatic support, upliftment, inspiration and empowerment their success provides to all, and we count ourselves successful when all the world enjoys as much success and fulfillment that they are willing to receive, subject to complete respect for other systems of self-government and religious orientation that may serve other populations to their satisfaction.

We also establish cultural value subsidies for professions that have a high social value, including artists, soldiers, police, writers, and people engaged in peace creating technologies such as ceremonial practices for harmony in nature and group meditation, silence retreats, cross-cultural awareness programs, etc.

And we establish personal empowerment and enlightenment as the primary item of our bill of rights, and as the cornerstone of our cultural values, economic and educational model, and national intent.

Enough for now, I guess.

-Paul Stokstad, February 13, 2017

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