There was a dinosaur gathering in Florida the other day and the roaring, the screeching, and the yips could be heard throughout the swamp, and there, in the middle, the loudspeaker, the tyrannosaurus, with his tiny hands, gesturing bigly celebrated the reptilian way, grinning and roaring, and led the crowd, to roars of approval, and laughter about the need for kindness, and the funny useless mammals out there, and the need to protect the ancient, thick skinned ways, and then the jokes, oh the jokes!

Ridiculed: the press of warm blooded creatures, watching, the supposed threat of humanoids, their tools and family feelings for each other, and, finally concluding with widespread laughter, about the rumors of climate change, though at the edge of the crowd, it was reported by a lone adasaurus, that their seemed to be a few snowflakes, falling.

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