History is on trump’s side.
I say that only because t-rex and his toadasaurs represent the past. The latest rollback of LGBT bathroom protections are just that, a desperate gambit to move back into the past. This is where I wish I was an illustrator rather than a conceptualist, since I would redo the Harold Lloyd clock photo with a yellow pated sapsucker hanging on it, trying to pull back the clock.
But you can’t stop time, you can’t stop the river, etc.
Let’s just say that trumpie owns the past (though hasn’t learned from it, and is therefore repeating it, in a sort of copy of a copy of a copy way – getting weaker and fainter each time), just because he and his supporters would like to live there (Make America Grate Again).
But we own the future, and the eternal now.
So, it’s two against one, and, long term, it’s us who will be sifting through the dinosaur bones of these cultural, social, cultural and political luddites, brushing the dust off, and preparing them for mounting in a display case in the Rainbow Multicultural Black Lives Matter LGBT Bernie Sanders B-Corporation hands on Religious Freedom Open Borders Global Warming and Enlightenment Museum.
See you there.

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