I guess it’s time for another chapter in the Paul Stokstad fixes the gnarly problems of the world thing.

I know most of you are really busy with other stuff like making money and great art, so I focus on these other areas that are neglected, like world peace, what to do with Donald’s hair, and other issues that need an out of the box thinker.

I feel that my claim to being an out of the box thinker is valid because I not only left the box some time ago I simply can’t find it anymore. I think my wife used it to store Christmas bows or something. Hard to say (I don’t really miss it).

So, today’s fix has to do with that pesky Mexican immigration problem.

You have to ask yourself, why don’t we have a Canadian immigration problem? It’s because no one in their right mind would move to the US if they made enough money where they already are.

Why leave warm weather, learn a new language, be ostracized, criticized and hunted about if you can make money and be happy right there in Guadalajara?

So, we don’t need to keep Mexicans out, we need to make staying in Mexico more fun and economically viable.

So, what we need is a Mexican economic stimulus package, not, for example, fierce border security, walls, etc.

Our goal should not be to build a fence keep our neighbors out but to help them improve their house, their yard, advise them on weed control, etc, so they don’t want to camp out in our yard.

So, I’ve already fixed the situation in a sort of Schrodinger’s cat thought experiment by requiring US employers to pay a dollar an hour for any Mexican workers they use into a Mexico Economic Stimulus package.

We change our whole Mexico policy to one where we are trying to help them take it up a notch so that they can be happy right where they are.

And any US company that relocates manufacturing to Mexico takes the money it saves to retrain and create jobs for coal workers and others in the US.

Okay, so anything else I should fix? I’m out of the box already and might as well do something of use.

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