The first time I was killed was in the Civil war, and it wasn’t even on purpose. It was some kind of explosive shell that landed right beside the tree I was hiding behind. It bounced off another tree and then rolled my way, spluttering, and then boom!

But afterwards, hanging out on the bench in the waiting room, just past the white light section at the end of the long tunnel that everyone talks about, I actually felt pretty good about the thing, since I could just feel a whole ton of bad karma from the past lift off my shoulders.

I should say, of course, that as a soul between lives I don’t really have shoulders, but you get the point.

Getting killed in war turns out to be a real karma cleaner, though it’s tricky, because you have to somehow arrange not to kill anyone else, which is harder than you might think, when you are typically bristling with weapons, trained to kill, and then there’s the complexities regarding not protecting your buddies who may be getting shot at.

Even so, sometimes you can arrange to get killed in a perfectly clean way and, despite the short term pain (now and then), it’s just a mountain of relief afterwards.

The hard part is in trying not to get a lot of people upset about your passing on. That can drag you down.
So, the thing to do is to try to get born into a situation where you will be as anonymous as possible, lets say abandoned as a child and put into a group home.

Then if you don’t distinguish yourself in any way, and never date anyone, you should be okay to move away, change your name, and enter the military.

The hard part is to not let your military buddies get too attached to you.

That involves transferring from unit to unit a number of times, and if you can arrange to get killed just after a recent transfer, the damage is minimal.

The other challenge is the karmic impact on your killer. People will talk all day about how they got wounded, but they tend to be a little reticent about the people they killed.

It’s not a natural act, and only your training and some mind games or maybe revenge for your dead buddy moments help you overcome the species survival taboos that are wired in.

It’s best to get blown up anonymously, rather than let some shoot you, because that tends to weigh on them later.

It’s a tricky business, but it’s what I do.

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