The funniest thing to watch is for those people to complain about all the unsubstantiated attacks apparently based on nothing.

Only because they wrote the book on it.

I can just hear Hillary snorting in laughter

Welcome to the s&@€pile of public service, where if you expect people to be fair and give you the benefit of the doubt, you are in the wrong profession.

The thing is that there are a million haters out there and it doesn’t matter who the leader is there’s a new set of leader haters.

If you even give them a paper cut to grab onto and before you know it your email sent from the wrong place is grand treason.

Whatever dumb thing you did doesn’t matter, because the attacks are going to inflate to the size of the hate, no matter what reason is given.

But for people who got into office by deliberately fanning the flames of disinformation and hate, it’s a comical fraudfest to hear them complain about the heat.

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