Here is yet another concern with the current admin: a global gag rule on even mentioning abortion.

Despite the fact that “life at conception” is a Christian perspective that is not shared by many other cultures, who have a reincarnation worldview that pegs the soul entering the fetus at about the 5 month point.

More ethnocentrism masquerading as indignant morality.

And yet another in the litany of travesties driving ordinary citizens into the streets for protest, along with concerns about immigration, education, medicaid, and even the weather research function.

I wonder how long the republican party thinks it can survive as the most hated institution in American history, because that is where it is headed.

Right now every single Republican congressperson should have a strange itchy feeling as a target is slowly being etched on their back.

And no, I don’t mind the gun analogy in this case, since it’s the sort of thing they seem to lovingly embrace.

Shoot, I hope every single one is out of office in two years, wondering what Day two of the Unofficial countdown until the end of the Trump debacle hit them.

The only good republican is an ex-republican.

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