Okay – so I’m reporting back from my travels outside the box, and it’s a nice place.

Politicians gone, voting, gone, capitalism, gone.

Everything gone, more or less, or rather deconstructed, lying there in conceptual space like a bunch of alphabet blocks, ready to be piled up all over in some new configuration.

In previous posts we already got rid of the senate, politicians (see thecommonlot.com), and probably the presidency too, but I think it’s good to revisit the fact that all of the recent initiatives to bolster corporate profits at the expense of societal benefits are so last century that they simply bore one to tears.

The whole mess needs to be redone with block A put here and block B there, and it all works out.

My visits to the future make the present such an exercise in eye-rolling exasperation, but I’ll try to put it simply.

All corporate endeavors need to be redone with the good of society, with the educational, financial, professional development, and opportunity enhancement of all members of the human community in mind as a core corporate mission.

Paying taxes needs to be the actual goal of corporate activity, and getting writeoffs will become a laughable antique behavior. Since you will get to choose what your taxes go to support, your tax payout portfolio will be part of your corporate profile.

The rise of social capitalism will transform the US and world economies and all of this fuss about income disparity will disappear, because the more you make, the more you are giving and empowering, and the wealthy will be showered with love and gratitude.

See you there.

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