Feline Observation Unit, Cosmodate 1254:36, Agent A2946-B, Trasmodar-Sims, reporting:

After a long night of hunting and destroying enemy agents, Type B, rodent, small (1 confirmed kill and one possible), returned to human observation project shortly after Agent H53676-C, Phizzmodor-Cass (see confidential evaluation report, attached), endured canfood feeding.

Human unit (small) spent some time inflicting ritual torture to this agent’s feet, allegedly due to residue from planetary exploration. Endured same.

Human unit (large) interfered with chosen sleep station by flattening and straightening human rest area, subsequently leaving.

After external space suit lick-cleansing, A2946-B entering mandated rest period, next report to be transmitted in 3 febblunits. Out.

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