The Green and Brown societies decide to live side by side.

In the Green Society there is no discrimination based on race, sexuality of cultural background. Single payer insurance. College and professional trade school training is free. Abortion is allowed. Marijuana is legal. Meditation and yoga classes are part of school. Kids can apply for unstructured educational plans. All business are Benefit Corporations with a public mission to do good. There is a universal basic income. People get to specify what their taxes pay for. Gun ownership is not done. There are no political parties, and elections are held not by voting, but by the jury-selection lottery system known as sortition.

In the Brown society there is no abortion, no social welfare system and you buy your own insurance. Corporations are not taxed. There are no estate taxes. Your business can discriminate against any group that you like. There is no marijuana use or abortion. Christianity is the official religion. There are no emission controls on your cars, you can have guns.  You get to specify what your (minimal) taxes go for, but no one gets to know. You have to pay for college. And you are subject to a military draft at age 18.

These two societies live side by side.

Businesses that are run by Browns have to reveal that they are Brown. Green businesses are labelled as such, and their tax payout choices are posted online and at their places of business.

Green police are like British Bobby’s and unarmed

Brown police are police as usual

Brown police have to defer to Green Police in dealing with Green citizens, and vice versa.

No one has to pay for welfare programs if they don’t want to do so.

No one has to pay for military expansion if they don’t want to.

No one gets to tell anyone else what they can and cannot do in the privacy of their own bedroom/uterus.

If you and your brown business are anti-social money-making machines, you can do that, but you will have to find an industry where green customers don’t matter much

Resolution committees exist to resolve differences between the interests of the two groups.

That’s it.

Let me know when you get it all set up. I’m focussing on poetry ( until after the eclipse, the stock crash, and the GMO flu epidemic.







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