Feline Observation Unit, Cosmodate 1254:36, Agent A2946-B, Trasmodar-Sims, reporting: After a long night of hunting and destroying enemy agents, Type B, rodent, small (1 confirmed kill and one possible), returned to human observation project shortly after Agent H53676-C, Phizzmodor-Cass (see confidential evaluation report, attached), endured canfood feeding. Human unit (small) […]

Our cats arrived pre-named, and so we had little to say about that. I didn’t feel bound to the previous monikers, but was outvoted early. To me names that would be more appropriate for Roxie and Ted would be something that implied explorer or lightning bolt on the Ted side, […]

For a somewhat PETA-flavored person, having a pet is a complicated topic. Its not hard to come up with flaws in the model. Pets of course eat meat as a habit. That has to come from somewhere. And if they are cats, they to are born predators – of mortal […]