What’s wrong with the US congress? It’s simple: it’s just not representative of the US population. On one hand we have this link, which shows how wealthy the US senate is (it’s for 2015 but it still applies): http://moneynation.com/the-net-worth-of-congress/ And on the other hand (that’s all the hands, by the […]

Some of the recent news about Trump’s recorded brags about women prompted a coupler of facebook posts that I thougt might be worth archiving here: About Trump’s “locker room talk” To say that such comments are unusual would be false. This is exactly the type of talk that the predator […]


Today like many days started with tennis, at least in the active phase. The inactive phase continued the ongoing negotiation between sleeping and waking, which usually results in a 4 am trip to the bathroom, followed by a wakeful period where dreams of mini-novellas crash at about 6 am due […]