I guess that it’s time to mention my secret life as a personal friend with a number of celebrities. The most famous, of course, are Obama, Michelle, Ellen Degeneres, Jim Carrey, and Roger Federer. I’m not really that close with Michelle, but she does fly in now and then for […]

What’s wrong with the US congress? It’s simple: it’s just not representative of the US population. On one hand we have this link, which shows how wealthy the US senate is (it’s for 2015 but it still applies): http://moneynation.com/the-net-worth-of-congress/ And on the other hand (that’s all the hands, by the […]

May the current estrogen shortage in our society be soon relieved, and may the testosterone imbalance diminish, and fall. How else to explain how much good comes out of our multitasking, compassionate, nurturing, brilliant, comprehensive, creative, innovative feminine leaders, joiners, includers, supporters? The future is feminine. The future has more […]